1. dynamicafrica:

    Solange shot by Casper Sejersen for Bang and Olufsen Magazine.

    Photographer: @CasperSejersenStudio for Bang and Olufsen Magazine Hair: @nikkinelms
    Makeup : @reginaharris
    Styling: collaboration with @lizzyohpoe

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  2. thisfuturemd:

    OSU, who created this lecture? I need them to come to our next set of grand rounds. Please.

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  5. South Indian women who worked on India’s Mar’s orbiter. They are my heroes now. I love aunties.

  6. Avatar 4 life brah

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  7. ariesphinx22:

    [WARNING: This not going to be eloquent or well-written. I just want to get this memory out on “paper” before it disintegrates.]

    Today (a Saturday) I ran a quick errand to Trader Joe’s. I returned around 12pm, in broad daylight. I parked my car along Melwood Ave, directly across my apartment…


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  10. humansofnewyork:

    They told me they’d only recently been married. I asked if it was an arranged marriage or a “love marriage.” He answered: “a love marriage.” I asked where they met, and he said: “the telephone.” He then told me that he never actually saw her before the day of their wedding. 
    "So when did you fall in love?" I asked.
    "The third phone call," he said.

    (Amritsar, India)