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    They told me they’d only recently been married. I asked if it was an arranged marriage or a “love marriage.” He answered: “a love marriage.” I asked where they met, and he said: “the telephone.” He then told me that he never actually saw her before the day of their wedding. 
    "So when did you fall in love?" I asked.
    "The third phone call," he said.

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    "When my children are settled, I am going to retire and devote more time to my meditation. Every time you meditate, you get a little further from the world. You become more and more like the lotus, which grows in the water, but never touches the water."
    "So what’s the benefit of withdrawing from the world?"
    "Meditation is like a glass of juice. I can describe the glass of juice to you. But you’re not going to know the glass of juice until you taste it."

    (Jammu, India)

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    luv u so much, monáe

    Best. —Lars


  6. When a med student is allowed to do a procedure unsupervised…

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    Oh damn. Yep they dropped it. ‘Batalvi’ is the ultimate mashup featuring the haunting vocals of the great Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, classic Bollywood dance clips and heavy-hitting verses filmed on Facetime. 

    Both MCs offer blended perspectives of their home-cities and the distant lands from which their parents trekked, a lens that consistently offers something different, if not better—first-generations anywhere can relate.” - Fader Magazine

    Check out the dope EP that dropped yesterday too! Too much to handle!

    - S

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  10. This urn will turn you into a tree after you die



    You can choose what kind of tree you want to become


    Idk I just find this beautiful 

    just imagine cemeteries looking like this


    a forest of living, changing, beautiful trees. I think a tombstone represents finality in death while a tree represents the continuation of life. It’s like you are living on symbolically through something greater than yourself. Each tree in a forest is a soul.

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